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    Wild Willow Cookie Company is about quality and freshness. We are not taking any shortcuts.  It is our goal to bake with the finest ingredients staying away from corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, and flavors. We are also pleased to offer several gluten-free options!

   Wild Willow Cookie Company was dreamt up in Andrea’s kitchen taking the idea of the cookie pizza and shrinking it down to create a 4” deep-dish cookie.  Andrea began testing cookies in her kitchen and sharing them with friends and family. The first cookie tested was the “OG”.  It is a traditional soft chocolate chip cookie topped with a layer of melted milk chocolate and a delicious layer of a homemade marshmallow toasted to perfection.  The “OG” was an instant hit and Wild Willow Cookie Company was born.

   Andrea has always enjoyed baking and cooking with her Mom as a young child.  She loves baking traditional  Italian family recipes that are staples during the holidays and for special occasions keeping treasured recipes alive.  At Wild Willow Cookie Company we want to provide you with a delicious, quality product made with love that will satisfy your sweet tooth.  



Baking Ingredients
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